inventix CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management with strong support of custom sales processes

Custom sales processes

Get best possible assistence due to individually matching processes.

Custom activities

Save time in day-to-day business by mapping your own activities and processes.

Create documents easily

Create uniqe documents, mailings, emails and faxes as easy as pushing a button.

Encourage consistent approach

If wanted: Define a binding frame for your sales processeses and boost consequent actions to follow up on sales opportunities.

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  • Sales processes

    The innovative concept allows adaption to custom processes and requirements. It is not limited to single sales opportunities but covers the whole life cycle of customer relationships.

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  • Activity management

    Activity management throughout the entire company including custom activity types and processes affiliates sales and project management and results in enhanced efficiency in your day-to-day business.

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  • Templates and documents

    A powerful templating engine provides context-sensitive creation of customized documents, emails, faxes as easy as pushing a button.

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  • Marketing campaigns

    Besides classical email, fax and mailing campaigns, inventix CRM includes automatic campaigns to map customer life cycle processes and extended functionality.

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